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We alter the legacy of violence...
one life at a time.

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Executive Committee

Board Chairperson
Frances Kelly
Indiana Professional Licensing Agency

Vice Chair
Aaron Myers, J.D.
Myers Law Office

Megan Brown
St. Vincent Hospital, Center of Hope

Rebecca Harp

Ex-Officio Executive Committee Member
Honorable Greg Porter
Health and Hospital Corporation
Indiana State Representative




John Althardt
Health and Hospital Corporation

Tavonna Harris Askew, J.D.
Health and Hospital Corporation

Melissa Boxell

Brad Hartz
Veolia Environmental Services

Kristina Korobov, J.D.
Marion County Prosecutor's Office

Jon Mills
Political Consultant

Jonna Valenti
Business Consultant

Teri Wedge
Indiana Coalition Against Sexual Assault

Jeanine Kerridge
Barnes & Thornburg, LLP