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Volunteer Job Descriptions

Foster Pet Program
Provide safe, secure housing and a healthy lifestyle for an animal that is placed in your home for foster care for one to three months. Animals and foster homes are screened to ensure appropriate compatibility.

Office/Clerical Assistance
Provide clerical support to Legacy House, including data entry, preparation of mailers, answering phones, and answering the door. Must be able to understand and respond appropriately to clients as necessary. Training is provided.

Program Facilitation
Assist staff in Legacy House programs with clients for education and empowerment.

Event Planning
Volunteers assist in the planning and implementation of special events.Volunteers are also needed to work at some events.

Children's Activities
Volunteers coordinate appropriate children's activities while parents or family members attend therapy sessions and during our Just For Fun Kids Night, which is held once a month. Volunteers are also needed to provide tutoring assistance to children affected by violence.

Community Outreach
Represent Legacy House at community and health fairs by hosting a booth, handing out brochures and describing Legacy House services.