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Our Stories

Legacy House is not a shelter. A dedicated staff provides intervention, education, support and understanding to victims of violence. The Legacy House is a resource for children and adults who have experienced trauma and/or violence. Our client stories reflect the needs, opportunities and hopes of the people we serve.

Our clients vary in age, race and background, but they all have one common thread. They depend on Legacy House to empower them to move forward with their lives.

One client recalls their childhood

"When I was seven years-old, my mother married a man who terrorized us.  The abuse was verbal at first, and it quickly became physical: hospitalization, loss of vision, concussion.  That's what stands out most to me about my childhood. You grow up real fast living like that."

One client is now able to celebrate a mother's efforts to escape abuse

"When I was nine years old, we lived in a house infected with mice and roaches.  I had a new baby half sister.  That is when my mother decided to take her stand.  She had taken the last beating she would take. Through the beatings, my mother was able to remain focused on us, and for that I am forever in her debt."

One client sent us a letter while completing time at a prison camp
"My son is with my mom. When I get out, my mom and my son will pick me up.  I want to go back to school and finish my paralegal degree.  I have been writing in my journal that we started in counseling...I just wanted to write you and let you know that I am doing really good under this situation. I wanted to thank you soooo much for all your hardwork and getting me a good place to be. Without you this would be harder.  Thank You!"

One client moves past anger and guilt

"When I found my father brutally murdered, the shock and trauma left me with feelings of anger and guilt. I had trouble concentrating and sleeping, which in turn caused me problems at home and work. I thought talking about my problems was a sign of weakness. Each session at Legacy House allowed me to work up the courage to attend the Survivors of Violent Death support group."

One client expresses her appreciation
"To all the lovely souls at Legacy House: May you receive what has been so freely given - Peace, Hope, and Love. You have brought me out of the darkness and into the light!"