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Legacy House provides counseling and support services to children and adults affected by trauma and/or all types of violent crime, including child abuse, domestic violence, homicide, and sexual assault. Programs and services are free of charge.

The BOOST Program

The BOOST program addresses the gap in services available to assist victims of domestic violence.  Clients remain in counseling but at the same time take steps toward productive, independent living.

Creative Healing

Creative Healing uses art as therapy and takes clients through a series of tactile, expressive activities to assist in their healing from trauma.

Dog Therapy

Therapy dogs happily roam the halls of Legacy House. Their unconditional respect and love for people allows us to use them as a tool to help children and adults during their therapy sessions.

Energy Therapies
Using research-based therapies implemented to reduce post-traumatic stress, clients work with the primary counselor and the energy therapist.

Sandplay Therapy

Sandplay therapy is a psychotherapeutic tool used with children and adults.  The method consists of the client's creation of a three-dimensional picture with miniature figures in a tray of sand.

Support Groups

Legacy House offers several groups that unite victims regardless of their trauma.  Grandparents, Guided Imagery, Homicide Survivors, Men's Trauma, and Non-offending Caregiver and Child Sexual Abuse are only a few of our support groups that provide a safe network helping victims to receive support and encouragement.

Support groups available this month:

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